Regional Governance Project / Unified Government Proposal

Operation and Transition Plan for Proposed Amalgamation Report

Presented to November 4, 2019 FIP Forum/Hardisty, Alberta

Community Consultations Summary Report (January 2019) Now Available

The New West Opportunities Team (the Public/Stakeholder Consultations Facilitators) is grateful to all those who participated in these region-wide community consultations and for the opportunity to meet and discuss these important issues with so many Flagstaff region residents. Your input and feedback is greatly appreciated and will be instrumental in helping guide and inform the next steps in this multi-faceted due diligence process! THANK YOU!

To the 725+ Questionnaire respondents, and to those who attended the 12 community meetings and information sessions in November/December, THANK YOU for sharing your views and perspectives on these ongoing EXPLORATORY discussions.

To those who have yet to respond, we still want to hear from you. We want to know what you think about the unified government proposal, other ‘Made in Flagstaff’ governance models, or perhaps opportunities for increased (additional) cooperation and collaboration within the current intermunicipal structure.

Our goal…to continue to provide effective and efficient delivery of the highest-quality municipal services and infrastructure across the region and to deliver this ‘standard of service’ at fair, reasonable and affordable levels of taxation.

Please let us know what you think before the January 20, 2019 Deadline for
Submission of Questionnaires:

Looking for more information:
MyFlagstaff Information Line: (780) 758-7336 or (780) 860-5100

As residents have previously been notified, the Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership (FIP) – comprising the following nine (9) Central Alberta communities – has been undertaking some preliminary, exploratory analysis on the potential feasibility of forming a single-tier government within Flagstaff region.

Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership (FIP) Communities:

  • Village of Alliance*
  • Village of Forestburg*
  • Village of Heisler*
  • Village of Lougheed*
  • Town of Daysland*
  • Town of Hardisty*
  • Town of Killam*
  • Town of Sedgewick
  • Flagstaff County*
*Participating communities in the exploratory Regional Governance Project.

Once again, this analysis and the discussions to date have been exploratory in nature only, and reflect FIP’s ongoing due diligence efforts to identify opportunities or areas for more effective and efficient (regionalized) municipal service delivery across Flagstaff region.

Informing, Listening and Learning

The next stage in this process is to inform, engage and consult with the public and community stakeholders on these potential/possible ‘Made in Flagstaff’ regional governance structures.

The overriding goal of the upcoming community outreach and consultations is to ensure that FIP continues to receive informed public/stakeholder input and feedback on the Regional Governance Project from across all participating member communities and constituencies.

This stage will be initiated in early November 2018 and will involve extensive community outreach and engagement. has been set-up to help facilitate these consultations...and to ensure that residents and stakeholders have access to all the information they need to participate and help inform these exploratory Regionalization: Where to from here? discussions.

Please stay connected to for your copies of the Overview and Background Document and Questionnaire, which will be posted the week of November 5, 2018, and to stay updated on the Townhall Meetings and Information Booths which will be set-up across the region over the next number of weeks.

If (at any time) you would like to discuss the public and stakeholder consultations process further, or to provide your input, feedback or ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact our Public/Stakeholder Consultations Facilitators (from New West Opportunities Inc.) directly, or by filling out the Online Contact Request Form below.

Public/Stakeholder Consultations Facilitators


Mr. Shane Pospisil

Senior Partner, Western Canada
New West Opportunities Inc.
Direct: (780) 860-5100

Mr. Jim Padilla

Senior Partner, Community Engagement
New West Opportunities Inc.
Direct: (780) 701-3459