Copy of the Overview and Background Document.

The primary objectives of the FIP Regional Governance Project public and stakeholder outreach, engagement and consultations process include:

Informing the public of the status of the initial exploratory research and analysis which has been undertaken to date.

Effectively and meaningfully engaging the public in a way that helps drive strong community-wide participation and feedback that, in turn, will help guide and inform future FIP decision-making on the Regional Governance Project.

  • While there are a number of services that are currently being delivered on a regional basis, what other areas might also lend themselves to collaborative regional approaches to improve effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery?

  • What is being considered in/through the Regional Governance Project?

  • Why this is being considered?

  • How it might or would work?

  • What would be the impacts or changes (if any) to levels of service, overall municipal service delivery and, of course, the effectiveness and efficiency with which municipalities delivery these services?

  • Pros and cons associated with the range of options considered, including the status quo...or how municipal services, programming and infrastructure is currently being delivered across the region?

  • A recognition that residents will bring their own values, experiences and beliefs to the fundamental question – Where to next? – and that there will most definitely be differences of opinion, viewpoints and on what, if anything, should or could be done going forward.

While there may be differences of opinion on some or perhaps many of these questions, these types of discussions are all part of the community- and region-wide due diligence and dialogue that needs to happen. Clearly, this is how we – collectively and working respectfully, cooperatively and collaboratively together – deliver on the overriding objective of Inclusive, Transparent, Facts-Based and Fully-Informed Decision-Making Going Forward.

Compiling and documenting the results of the various consultations and engagement input streams.

Providing ongoing communication with the public regarding the initiative and future decisions related to the Regional Governance Project.

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